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History of WTFS:
In the late 90’s, with the announcement of the planned closing of the Arlington Developmental Center, a handful of family members of individuals being served there banded together and searched nationwide to find a community-based system of care that could best support their loved ones special needs. Their travels brought them into contact with several different models of support, but one in particular called the "Teaching Family Model" caught their attention. It utilized a family-styled environment where a married couple resided with the individuals needing care. After further research they determined that this model was the type of system that offered family members peace of mind and productive involvement. Plans were drawn up for a family-governed agency that would provide individuals with a safe and nurturing home in the community, then presented to the state of Tennessee Department of Mental Retardation Services. In October 2000, permission was granted to establish the Memphis based West Tennessee Family Solutions (WTFS) and a new opportunity for community living began.

In May of 2001, WTFS opened the doors to its first supported-living home. Since then it has grown to nearly 30 homes and over 60 people served.

Service recipients from Arlington Developmental Center and the local community now enjoy a life that is filled with opportunities for growth and self expression while maintaining a safe and nurturing living environment.

Because the "spirit of family" is a major part of our philosophy, the family members of individuals we serve are more than welcome to participate in the day to day life at WTFS -- and quite a few take advantage of this opportunity. Family members constitute over 80 percent of our Board of Directors, they volunteer for various activities and functions or just enjoy participating in everything from cookouts to community outings. And, of course, they are a major component in planning sessions that help to insure the quality of care being provided.

This unique and vibrant organization has been a blessing to hundreds of people who are touched by intellectual disabilities. We invite you to learn more about WTFS by exploring this website or scheduling a visit to one of our homes.

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