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To provide the highest quality of support and opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to lead successful and satisfying lives within their community.



F AMILY FOCUSED:  Families will be integral to planning services, responding to needs as they arise and all other life decisions affecting their family member.  Each home will be supported in the values and traditions of the teaching family association model of care.

A TTENTIVE CARE:  We will be committed to delivering individualized supports and maintaining high standards of conduct and performance for all employees. 

M EMBERS OF OUR COMMUNITY:  We will serve those touched by developmental disabilities and their families throughout the west Tennessee region.  WTFS will be an integral part of the local community on a daily basis as well as being a driving force to include individuals with developmental disabilities in their communities. 

I NTEGRITY:  We will be honest, transparent and accurate in how we provide supports and communicate with our stakeholders, individuals and their family members.

L EARNING:  We value the beauty, power, intelligence and success that are attainable in the life of each person.  Our primary focus will be to teach.

Y EARNING FOR EXCELLENCE:  We strive for excellence in maintaining a dynamic and innovative environment, responding to the changing needs of individuals and families, and cultivating a caring workforce.




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